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Trust me on this. I know when i see a crappy game and this is definitely one big stack of poop!

See for yourself if you dont believe me!

It´s time for war!

2016-03-02 06:35:02 by Blobzone

Check out my new war simulation and see how long you can survive blablabla just play it!

Actually i dont have much to say.

The game can be pretty hard in the beginning especially if you havent figured out the game mechanics,

but i just didnt want it to be that easy because war is never easy ( i guess, since i have never fought actively in a war, except maybe the war of losing some pounds, if that counts and yeah ive lost that one, several times)

As you progress and unlock some medals it gets easier though.

So what are you waiting for.




Probably not really long (except you are one of these "doomsday lunatics")

but in my new game you have at least the chance. So check it out!