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Entry #3

The shittiest game on newgrounds.

2016-08-11 18:08:38 by Blobzone

Trust me on this. I know when i see a crappy game and this is definitely one big stack of poop!

See for yourself if you dont believe me!


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2016-08-13 18:04:27

But the game made my day... This lounge music is great stuff.


2016-08-14 15:36:57

I know good shit when I see one, this is the shit tho.

In a good way. Keep it up. Keep making shit.


2016-09-05 08:55:48

Did you use the voice from goanimate?

Blobzone responds:

No, just some normal Text-to-Voice programm in the internet.


2016-09-05 09:53:00

Well,OK!What TTS(Text to speech)Site did you use?

Blobzone responds:


2016-11-03 23:59:02

Did you made this?

Blobzone responds:

I guess? :3